Eek!® blends together a delicious recipe of ingredients: my food and beverage history, German heritage, enthusiasm for food, all uniquely spiced with my personality and branded with Eek!, the sign name given to me when I studied sign language. I love everything about food, from reading about it, to cooking it—the smell, the feel, the photos! People encouraged me to sell my chutneys and I knew I had to try.

Our stop‐you‐in‐your‐tracks chutneys are palate changing and you‐neek! I have researched, planned, created, cooked and canned. Eek!® has its table sensationally set, simmering and ready to be served.

Eek!’s aim is simple: high‐quality food full of flavor, beautifully presented and catered to satisfy the palates of discerning clientele. We are forever trying new ideas, healthy alternates and creative recipes that include Eek! delicious handcrafted chutneys.